Shower Filter

Shower Filter
Shower water filters are  smart and important choice for reducing the amount of chlorine and vaporized chemical contamination your body and lungs are exposed to from the water you bathe in and the air you breathe. 
Reducing Chlorine
The amount of chlorine that is
reduced or neutralized by a shower
water filter is extremely important. A person can absorb more chlorine in one shower than they would typically drink all day. This harsh chemical dries skin and hair and can irritate the eyes and breathing. When evaluating shower water filters, make sure the filter removes 90% or more of the chlorine in water. Look for independent testing data to determine the level of chlorine reduction. NSF International and Pace Labs are good sources of information.
In addition to chlorine removal, look for a filter that uses more than one type of media for filtration. You will find that many filters include KDF copper-zinc alloy media because of its high effectiveness for chlorine removal. Activated carbon is the other media you should look for in a shower water filter. Activated carbon media reduces organics like THM’s (trihalomethanes), which is a byproduct of the chlorine water disinfection process that can form nasty breathable contaminants such as chloroform.