About Us

Our trained staff  are waiting to educate you and provide you with a solution on how to solve your water needs, whether you have well water or city water . We are a Florida base direct to home water treatment company. We educate and provide solutions for the best filtered water. We provide  educational material to every one and we go everywhere and test the water for free.
When I decided to go into business, I wanted a business that would make a difference. After speaking with my family and friends. I decided I will do my part by educating people and provide  Floridian with filtered water  With so many  used water bottle ending up in land fills to circle the earth many times. I have to do my part for Global Warming. Call now 1.855.444.1991. We use the best equipment we can buy and we provide professional delivery and installation. Our installers have been trained, we are licensed and insured.  So when we are at your resident or you place of employment, you can rest assure,  you are safe. We also offer one of the best guaranty and warranty in the industry We provide  educational material to every one who reads it.





For those customers who wants to install their our filters, we will be more than happy to ship your filter to you. We have an automatic ship your filter program or you can order when you are ready.  All Filters come with an installation guide. If you need an help, just call our installation department.
We provide all of our customers a white glove delivery and installation experience. Our installers will explain everything to you when they ere are finish installing your unit. We are always glad to provide you with a professional service.

We are also a one stop, shop for all your filter needs. we carry several different types of filters for the units we carry and portable units